producing semi-finished


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Production Semi-Curved

Berzoini curvati semilavorati

Berzoini Mobili follows the production with care, in compliance with environmental rules and with careful selection of raw materials, certified and tested to determine the suitability for processing.

semilavorati curvatixsemilavorati curvati

Among its customers include leading companies, always looking for high quality products and caring to every detail. The main objective is to create an elegant product that will last over time.

semilavorati curvatixsemilavorati curvati

Sagomati curvati


Berzoini Gian Antonio
Via dell'Industria 16 - 37049 Villa Bartolomea (Verona)
Tel +39.0442/659240 – 91883
Fax +39.0442/658014 – 91060

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