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Tintoretto Collection
Tiepolo collection

With deep-rooted connections to the art of period furniture and its rich consolidated tradition in the plain south of Verona, Berzoini Mobili is pleased to present its three new collections, which combine traditions of craftsmanship and art in the Veneto area with stylish solutions and carefully selected materials.

Finding inspiration in the figures of two major artists in the Veneto region’s cultural history, Berzoini Mobili has created new furnishing lines that stand out as a result of the harmony of their design, the style and elegance of their inlays and their practical nature.

Having a plush, elegant and comfortable house is more than just a style choice: it is also a philosophy of life.

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Berzoini Gian Antonio
Via dell'Industria 16 - 37049 Villa Bartolomea (Verona)
Tel +39.0442/659240 – 91883
Fax +39.0442/658014 – 91060

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